Paraspara Trust is a registered voluntary organization, initiated by Mr.KC.Venkatesh and well wishers of the society to ensure nonexploitative society by making interventions in the area of child labouers, child rights, women rights and human rights in the year 1995-96 at Bangalore city.


To realise the mission of eradication of child labour, we have various interventions focussed on children to fight this issue in different ways. The following are some initiatives of Paraspara Trust.

  • Child labour Release & Rehabilitation.
  • Bridge Schools to rehabilitate child labourers and school drop outs.
  • Child Rights Clubs towards experiencing child rights at schools.
  • Baalemane: A secured home for Street and rescued girls in Bangalore city.
  • Chinnara Thangu Dhama towards rehabilitating runaway and street children.
  • Paraspara Adoption Center.
  • SJPU: Special Juvenile Protection Unit.
  • Child Rights - need to focus.

Paraspara Trust is active in the Women Rights and empowerment because as organization realized that the they have a key-role in the eradication of child labor phenomenon.

  • Women Empowerment.

Paraspara trust started working with slum populating in 1997 with the goal of eradication of child labour system. After a study in slum, Paraspara trust decided to work with slum community as part of a global strategy in the reaching of the main target, eradication of child labour.

  • Child Labour Free community.
  • Child Rights Action Forum [CRAF].
  • Mental Health Initiative.
  • Old Age Home.
  • Work against Human Trafficking against Women & Children.
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