Paraspara Trust is active in the women rights and empowerment because as organization realized that the they have a key-role in the eradication of child labor phenomenon.

Women Empowerment:

Abhaya program was initiated by Paraspara Trust to prevent domestic violence in the slum community and violence against women and girl children. Abhaya program promoted Neighborhood Committees to prevent domestic violence and violence against women and girl children in the slum community and villages in the rural Bengaluru. Paraspara trust promoted 120 neighborhood committees in Bengaluru urban district and rural Bengaluru districts. In 2010 Abhaya received 180 complaints on DV Act cases, 48 land cases and one child trafficking case and 11 cases on cheating girls. 78 cases are solved in Abhaya Mahila Kendra and 102 cases were referred to the court. Abhaya Mahila Kendra is working towards ensuring women rights at large.