Embrace Nature,
Celebrate Heritage.

Welcome to our world of natural beauty and cultural richness. Experience farm life, engage in sustainable activities, and immerse yourself in the heritage of Indian arts. Support local farmers and join us on a memorable journey back to nature and tradition.

Ongoing & Upcoming Programs

Registration/pre-registration is mandatory. Please note that seats are limited to maintain the authenticity and value of the experience.

Nature Yoga Camp for Kids & Parents

  • Nature-Infused Retreat: Experience yoga and meditation in the serene Western Ghats with the Aghanashini River nearby.
  • Family-Friendly: A camp for kids and parents to bond and create memories through diverse activities.
  • Diverse Activities: Engage in traditional games, music, dance, storytelling, nature exploration, and more.
  • Flexible Options: Choose from 3-day or 7-day camps with basic to advanced yoga practices.
  • Holistic Development: Focus on nurturing mind, body, and spirit, promoting compassion, discipline, and mindfulness.

Farm Stays & Home Stays

  • Luxurious and comfortable accommodation for a relaxing stay experience.
  • Homemade, hygienic, and healthy satvik food served, prepared with fresh farm produce.
  • Explore nature, farming activities, and adventure activities for a memorable experience.

Explore Paraspara’s Offerings

Our experts have curated a variety of activities and rural experiences for you and your family. Discover new ways to connect with nature and explore the countryside through our carefully crafted programs.

Yoga and Wellness Retreats

Indulge in rejuvenating Yoga and Wellness Retreats amidst the pristine beauty of the Central Western Ghats. Our retreats are thoughtfully designed to create meaningful wellness transformations in your life.

Authentic Homestay & Farm stays

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of Uttara Kannada with our comfortable farm stays, offering a serene and rejuvenating retreat. These locations are run by the homeowners themselves, ensuring a unique experience unlike that of commercial stays or resorts.

Farm Visits (Coming Soon)

Experience village life, farming practices, and purchase fresh farm produce direct from farmers for an authentic rural experience.

Connect Farmer (Coming Soon)

Connect directly with passionate farmers on our platform to purchase high-quality produce, including honey, organic rice, pepper, cardamom, and a variety of spices.

Our recent stay at a farmstay near Sirsi in the Western Ghats was a delightful experience. The owners were incredibly welcoming, ensuring our comfort throughout our visit. The accommodations were cozy, providing a peaceful retreat amidst nature.

The highlight of our stay was the delicious sattvic food, made with farm-fresh ingredients and served with care. The meals were not only tasty but also healthy, adding to the overall rejuvenating experience. The combination of warm hospitality, comfortable surroundings, and nourishing cuisine made our time at the farmstay truly memorable.

M.J Shivaram


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