Summer Nature Yoga Retreat for Kids & Parents

Do you recall the joyous days of summer at your grandparents’ home, where you played traditional games like Buguri, Ala guli mane, Kunte bille, Lagori, Kolu Gindu etc? Those days were filled with fun and bonding. Today, however, our children often seem glued to screens, which can impact their health, cognitive development, and connection with nature.

Now is the perfect moment to step in and assist your child in finding a healthy equilibrium between the digital and natural worlds. Let’s encourage them to embrace both realities effectively.

Bond with your child in the heart of the Western Ghats (A beautiful place in Sahyadri Hills near Sirsi, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka) experience yoga, and embrace the nature.

In Collaboration with Samyoga Nature Cure Clinic

Discover simple, effective practices that easily fit into your daily routine for a healthier and more harmonious family life.

  • Authentic Yoga & Mindfulness: Explore the depths of classical yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques to calm the mind and strengthen the body.
  • Sanathana Dharma Wisdom: Learn simple rituals and mantras to bring peace and positive energy into your daily life.
  • Traditional Lifestyle: Embrace the benefits of a satvic lifestyle, natural practices, and wholesome, nourishing food.
  • Nature & Village Life Exploration: Connect with nature through farming experiences, visits to a Goshala (cow sanctuary), and discover the beauty of eco-friendly village living.
  • Rediscover Play: Step away from screens and let your children experience the joy of traditional games, building friendships and a love of the outdoors.
  • Solutions for Modern Families: Gain practical tools for managing technology, reducing stress, and fostering stronger family bonds.
  • Deepen your understanding of yoga as a holistic path to well-being.
  • Experience the profound benefits of Sanathana Dharma’s ancient practices.
  • Revitalize your family life with a focus on simplicity, connection, and joy.
  • Leave with practical tools to create a more harmonious and balanced home.

Join us on this extraordinary journey!

From 9th May to 12th May 2024

  • Ideal for ages 8-16, but designed to include kids of all ages.
  • 6 years or younger attend free
  • Parents: Any age group


Conducted by
Yoga & Nature Enthusiasts

Our nature yoga camp is meticulously crafted to optimize your wellness experience. Guided by our experts and well-trained professionals, we employ evidence-based practices to enrich your transformative journey and promote holistic well-being.

Dr. Ashwath Hegde is a highly qualified professional with a background in naturopathy, yoga therapy, psychology, counseling, and career guidance. His experience extends internationally, having worked in the US and West Indies, and he now runs the Samyojana Nature Cure Clinic. Dr. Hegde strongly believes in holistic health and utilizes natural healing methods to help his clients achieve their wellness goals.

Dr. Hegde is a compassionate counselor, guiding individuals through mental health challenges and supporting them in finding their life’s purpose. Additionally, as a gifted yoga instructor, he has positively impacted the lives of over 800 students through his online classes. His commitment to yoga earned him recognition in 2020 when he won first place in an online yoga competition held by the Government of India and Ministry of AYUSH.

Dr. Keerthi is a dedicated Yoga & Naturopathy physician with a postgraduate certification in acupuncture. She specializes in training pregnant women for smoother deliveries through yoga, dietary advice, stress management, and lifestyle guidance.

Dr. Keerthi is the Co-Founder of Samyoga Nature Cure Clinic in Sirsi. Additionally, she serves as an assistant professor at the Siddapura Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences in Siddapura. With a track record of treating over 5000 individuals for various ailments and having conducted online yoga classes that have benefited over 10,000 participants, Dr. Keerthi is deeply committed to promoting holistic wellness.

Shivani Pallavi, a devoted classical Hatha-Yoga teacher, embarked on her transformative journey at the prestigious Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram in Neyyar Dam, Kerala. She served as a staff member for Shivananda International after her advanced teacher training course (ATTC) completion, deepening her understanding and mastery of yoga and its teaching methodologies. Shivani’s journey led her to teach at various institutions, including Cult Fit.

Today, she is the founder of Paraspara, a sanctuary dedicated to spreading yoga’s joy and wellness. As a Yoga Instructor at Samyoga Nature Clinic, Shivani continues to inspire and guide individuals towards holistic health and inner peace.

Sudarshan Hegde is a nature enthusiast who was born and raised in a forest village in the Western Ghats. He earned his BCA from Alvas College and worked for several IT companies. After five years in the IT field, he decided to take a break and explore spiritual and yogic places. During his travels, he rediscovered the beauty and spiritual significance of his native land. This inspired him to live and do something meaningful in his hometown.

With this vision, Sudarshan founded the IT firms Avahi and Artytechs. Through these companies, he provides services and job opportunities, contributing to the growth of his community. Sudarshan’s partnership with Shivani Pallavi in Paraspara and the nature camp reflects their shared dream of introducing the culturally and spiritually rich land of Sirsi to like-minded people. Together, they aim to create meaningful connections and experiences that celebrate the essence of Sirsi’s heritage and natural beauty.


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